Portable Altar & How to Cast a Magic Circle

First of all, apologies that this video is late. It’s been a busy week! Another gig I have going on is for burlesque and I just found out that I’ll be debuting on November 12 (if you buy tickets, use the code LAVINIA for a $5 discount)! I’ve been frantically trying to find a spaceContinue reading “Portable Altar & How to Cast a Magic Circle”

Mabon Bath Salts

Mabon is a Sabbat that celebrates the end of summer and the beginning of autumn and the second harvest. This year, it falls on September 22. Mabon, similarly to Lughnasadh, is a time of Thanksgiving and gratitude. What better way to get into the spirit of giving thanks than by thanking yourself for surviving theContinue reading “Mabon Bath Salts”

Projects for Lughnasadh

I’m back with another Lughnasadh video! We’re making “First Harvest” Potpourri (dry) and Habanero Jelly! Cameraman Ken (aka The Husbeast) lost his sense of smell through (chronic sinusitis). So, he enjoys foods that have spice, but more importantly, flavor. I have hot sauces sitting on my table that would make mere mortals cry (they doContinue reading “Projects for Lughnasadh”

“& Other Spells” – DIY Dish Soap

I decided to start a new section for the channel. I mean, this is Kitchen Witchery & Other Spells. But, I haven’t really done “& Other Spells.” So, I’m going to start. Rather than watch me be an idiot with cooking, you can watch me be an idiot with other things! I’m kidding. I’m notContinue reading ““& Other Spells” – DIY Dish Soap”

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