Merry meet, my Witchlettes! Today’s video is two apple recipes for your Fall and Samhain season! The first is simply baked apples, which can be done in a microwave or in the oven, depending on what you have available to you; the other is an overnight apple curry soup that is about the same consistencyContinue reading “Applepaloosa!”

New Video: Heathen Cakes

What better dish to serve up on a witchery channel than a Heathen Cake! They’re more pies, really. In fact, you use a pre-baked pie crust for them. They’re called cakes because of the etymology of that word. Cakes were usually what “the poor man” ate: Hearty pie crusts filled with meat and hearty vegetables.Continue reading “New Video: Heathen Cakes”

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