Witch’s Bells

Excitedly recording by myself.

So, first of all, I’ve heard these items called many different names: Witch Bells, Witches Bells, Witch’s Bells, etc. Call them what you want. I call them Witch’s Bells and, though popular in Wicca, are used by many different religions throughout the world. I’m not Wiccan, for example, and I still use them on my door to ward off malicious or ill-intended spirits and energy.

You could buy some via one of the many sellers on Etsy. There certainly are some beautiful ones available. I, however, cannot do that. As a very strong empath (like, I can see the evil spirits manipulating and taking over certain people–also, that link, if you are like me, will knock you out of your chair), I have to spend energy to strip tools and protective items of the energies put in by the creator so those energies do not conflict with mine or my households. I’ve been told my energy is very warm and sparkly, that it’s quite unique. Unique energies, in my experience, do not play well with others. Cameraman Ken and I have a balance in our energies and our fur babies contribute to that balance. If the balance is off, the first one to notice is Midnite and he will not stop telling me about it.

So, I make my things. Or I buy things that are not intended for spiritual worship and imbue them, myself. Which is what we’re doing with this decorative piece.

Really, you can use anything you want to make these. I chose to use a ring, cotton yarn, and 4 silver bells. Since I had made one around Imbolc, I removed that one from my door, thanked it for it’s service and removed the bells, expressing my desire for them to continue their service. This isn’t a requirement; it’s just what I do. I cut lengths of yarn in yellow (for fire), white (for air), tan (for earth), and blue (for water) and tied them to the ring. I wrapped the ring in tan and blue because my Sun sign is Capricorn–the Sea Goat. Earth sign, born in a Water month (December). Earth and Water ground me and recharge me. You can, of course, choose whatever speaks to you.

You do not have to imbue your bells if you do not wish to. I do. This is an anytime of year project and can be changed as little or as much as you desire. I would love to see examples of the ones you create! You can share them with me via Discord, or pop over to Patreon and for as little as $2/mo, you can message me there and share your thoughts and spells and attempts and success and failures! I welcome them all!

Low-Carb Crab Cakes

Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on, either.

It’s been so many years since I’ve had crab cakes. Once I found that I couldn’t process wheat, crab cakes became verboten for me. I was quite the sad panda. I mean, I was already not supposed to eat them because I was allergic, also, to iodine, which is found in shellfish. But, that was worth the risk. Hives are much easier to deal with than intestinal distress for days.

Still. I haven’t had crab cakes in a very long time. So, finding this recipe was so awesome and amazing.

We bought canned crab meat specifically for me to make this recipe. Cameraman Ken said, “I’m going to get lump crab meat because if we need it broken up, we can just break it up.” He grabbed 3 cans and we went about our business. I pulled out said cans to make this dish and, low and behold, it was not lump crab meat. It was “regular” crab meat.

It still worked. Mostly. The lump crab meat would have probably worked better and had a better texture. Even after sticking them in the freezer for about 45 minutes, they were still difficult to put into the pan to fry up. Still tasted delicious.

I really liked the flaxmeal in this blend, as opposed to the almond flour. I find that almond flour has a stronger flavor than I’d like and the flaxmeal does not. I also want to note that I had fish two days in a row! Fish Friday this week was a low-carb fish & chips, featuring cod and zucchini fries. I really miss my air fryer. I think that would have been better for the zucchini. Regardless, that was a tasty meal and the homemade tartar sauce was very good, as well…though…missing something. Probably vinegar.

If there’s something you’d like me to film and talk about, let me know in a comment or join my Discord server and check out my Patreon. For as little as $2/mo., you can help me upgrade my recording equipment, my cooking utensils, etc. Plus, you can connect straight to Discord by becoming a Patron! It’s obviously not required, but it is something that would definitely help me out–especially during the pandemic!

Gratitude Altar How-To

Mirror, mirror on the altar…

Merry meet and blessings be, my Witchlettes!

Even though Lughnasadh is past, it doesn’t mean we can’t remain in the spirit of the holiday and carry forth our gratitude through the remainder of the year! This video shows you how you can create a Gratitude Altar. I get a bit raw in it and nearly cry, so you can watch that. 🙂 Regardless, gratitude is such a needful thing in our current situation.

What can you be thankful for during this panedemic? We have so many things that weigh us down, let’s start thinking and recognizing the things that can lift us up and help us drown in thankfulness and send that beacon of light into the world!

I’m thankful for Cameraman Ken who has been nothing but supportive since I started this endeavor; I’m thankful for my sister who understands my obsession with spiders; for my friends both here and abroad; for SCIENCE (wear your damn masks!); for my increasing abilities in cooking; for all of you and the Kitchen Witchery & Other Spells channel–even though I don’t make money from these videos, doesn’t mean I never will. It just means I need to do more and be better. Good things are on my horizon, if I just stop to take a moment to acknowledge all the good that is in my present.

What are you grateful for? Please, share with me in the comments here, or on the video, or in my Discord, or even on my Patreon. I would love to hear from you!

Look! Noods! With Alfredo!

Consider the ball of dough….

Such a snappy and witty title! But, hey, I was really feeling like some fettuccine alfredo and I happen to have a recipe for keto noodles and alfredo sauce, so magical times happen!

I know I’m drinking rye whiskey in this video and I look absolutely happy to be doing so–but I am not. I love whiskey; I love rye; it does not love me in return. Sadly, I have developed an allergy, of sorts, to caramel-colored alcohols, so I limit myself to ONE a day.

Anyway, as you will see in the video, I am an absolute dunderhead when it comes to rolling out dough. I probably should have filmed Cameraman Ken fixing my mistakes, but I didn’t. So, it’s just me making mistakes and continuing on with everything (because that’s what we do, right?). Cameraman Ken kept reminding me these videos aren’t about perfection; they’re about entertainment and sharing my experiences with all of you.

What an important thing to remember during this pandemic! Sharing experiences with each other is about the only type of human interaction most of us can get, so do it with wreckless abandon (but, wash your hands and wear your mask)! I can see a light at the end of the tunnel; it could be an on-coming train, but you know what? I’m Wonder Woman, and I will take that train head-on, and I will win.

Please, take care of yourselves. Hydrate, my Witchlettes, just like the plants who grow from the earth, remain grounded and hydrated, stretching up towards the sun or moon and releasing your positivity into the air. So we can burn the world with Kindness.

Upcoming Video: Mabon Celebration

One of the upcoming Sabbats–Mabon–is a social celebration of 2nd Harvest. With the way the U.S. is currently, social celebrations are a bit of a taboo. What I am offering is this: If you live in LA County, Orange County, or Riverside/San Bernardino County and you would like to participate in a socially distance gift exchange, please sound off!

The items I bring you may or may not be videos from my channel–you’ll have to guess! But, I would like to film the deliveries (not required for participation). All I ask is that you hand-make something to trade. The deliveries will be made Sunday, September 20, 2020. Please comment here or message me directly (or pop into the Discord channel and tag me) if you’d like to be a part of this Mabon Celebration!

P.S.: You do not have to celebrate Mabon. I don’t, personally. But, some of the goodies I have planned are too good NOT to share!

Projects for Lughnasadh

I’m wearing catears. That have snakes on them. I love them.

I’m back with another Lughnasadh video! We’re making “First Harvest” Potpourri (dry) and Habanero Jelly!

Cameraman Ken (aka The Husbeast) lost his sense of smell through (chronic sinusitis). So, he enjoys foods that have spice, but more importantly, flavor. I have hot sauces sitting on my table that would make mere mortals cry (they do me!), but they are very flavorful and add just enough heat to enhance whatever it is we’re putting them in.

It is important to note that the jelly is not Keto-friendly. It is made with 4.5 cups of sugar. This is not something you can just swap out to Swerve or Truvia or Monkfruit. That isn’t to say that you can’t make low-carb jams and jellies. This recipe, specifically, cannot be modified because of the type of pectin it uses. Admittedly, I don’t know much about pectin because when I make preserves, I don’t use it. My fruit preserves are made with sugar and the natural sugars of the fruits. In the future, I may try to make a Keto-friendly preserves recipe, but today is not that day. Please, don’t use a sugar substitute for this: It will not set up.

Also, yes, I maced myself again cooking the habaneros. You’d think I’d learn by now. That’s why I’m an entertainer and not an actual chef! You get to laugh at my dumbass!

On to the First Harvest Potpourri! I forgot I was making it, which is why my apples ended up desiccated. You need to pre-heat your oven to 200F and if you’re going to use both racks, check them after about 45 minutes and switch the baking sheets around. They shouldn’t be burnt (like mine); they should be dried nicely. Should take about 90 minutes. Check on them. The oranges may take a bit longer. You want the fruit to be dry enough that it won’t rot while sitting out.

…which is funny because…

Potpourri literally means “a pot of rotten.”

For this, I used two red apples and two medium oranges, 4 fresh cinnamon sticks, a small package of star anise, and a bunch of whole cloves. I sliced the apples using a mandolin and had Cameraman Ken slice the oranges. You want these to be thinly sliced–1/8th inch is about where I was with them. Spread them in a single layer on however many baking sheets you need. You’ll want to cover the sheets with parchment paper. Probably should have mentioned that first. Anyway! You don’t have to do anything to the fruits, just check to make sure they’re not burnt.

I put my apples into a baggie and crunched them to pieces to make them fit better into containers. Cameraman Ken cut up the oranges for me and broke my cinnamon sticks. I added the star anise and the cloves and shook up the bag. I had enough potpourri to make two 4oz jars for the guys upstairs (gave them a jar of jelly, too), plus two small bowls of potpourri. One is on my altar, the other is on my desk in the bedroom. It’s strong when close to it, but it’s a nice, subtle scent when you enter the apartment.

The potpourri will be good for about a month. Before you toss it, however, put it into a pot of water on your stovetop and simmer it til the scent is gone. Just make sure you keep enough water in it so it doesn’t burn onto your pot. If you have a small crockpot, you could also put it in the crock, on low, and let it simmer. It’s a wonderful way to get the last little bit of scent from your potpourri! AND! It should be good til right around the next Sabbat: Mabon (the Autumnal Equinox), which is September 22.

Have a happy, safe, and blessed Lughnasadh!

Blessed be.

Blessed Lughnasadh!

Sometimes I dress up and look pretty.

Merry meet and blessings be! Lughnasadh (LOO-nuh-suh) is upon us! The cross-quarter sabbat is a celebration of the First Harvest of the year. Today’s video features a seasonal dish, Blackberry Cobbler! I used an erithrytol sweetener for this recipe to comply with the low-carb diet I’ve been torturing myself with, but you could use regular sugar, if you desired. This is also gluten free and it is super amazing and tasty!

I chose blackberries because this is the last month they are available in SoCal. Now, Lughnasadh would normally feature the First Harvest–but, Lughnasadh is also sundown July 31 to sundown August 1, so trying to get two videos prepared for you before that date makes it a bit difficult to harvest first harvest items. 🙂

Also, a traditional Lughnasadh food is bread. I have a recipe for a Keto Flaxmeal bread that I’m itching to try, but I haven’t had the energy to expend in putting it together. Perhaps that will be a video for next week.

Although I do not, personally, celebrate Lughnasadh, I am more than happy to share with you ways you can bring the First Harvest season into your home. Just leave a comment on the video or on this blog post, or check out my Discord channel and ask there.

Blessed be.

Electrolytes & Sekanjabin

I am confused as to why the cup I am holding does not contain tea or coffee.

When I started this keto diet journey back on June 1, 2020, I made sure I had done all my research. I hadn’t really had to deal with the Keto Flu that many people do. That was a bonus. In fact, within two weeks of starting, most of my autoimmune symptoms had vanished and I felt like I could safely restart my DDP Yoga program. I’m on week 6 of 13 and I’m feeling fantastic!

Except, I noticed that my blood pressure–normally 110/60 – 120/80–had crept upwards and on Monday (July 20), it was 132/98, with a pulse rate of 115-120, standing still. To the Googles! Turns out that if you’re electrolytes aren’t in balance, it can increase your blood pressure. Who knew!

I have since purchased an electrolyte powder to mix into my water, but this recipe has been a go-to. My only problem with it is magnesium has a tendency to get things moving, if you get my drift. And, for me, that can actually be a real issue since I don’t feel like I’m absorbing nutrients properly, already (celiac). I’ll try to remember to update on how the powder works for me. I’m actually going to make some this morning, once I finish this post!

Sekanjabin is a medieval drink syrup that you mix with water and it serves as a way to refresh and replenish certain electrolytes. It ranges in complexity from simple honey syrup and mint & cucumber to very complex syrups that include pomegranate and other deliciousness. Mine is super simple, keto-friendly, and made with ginger because I didn’t realize what I thought was mint was actually lemon basil.

I am eagerly looking forward to hitting my target goal (150lbs) and my stretch goal (145lbs). Not just because I’ll be in the weight range I would feel most comfortable in, but also, so I can start eating more carbs! I actually have a plan to shift into maintenance with a Mediterranean style diet (still gluten-free, obviously). I also plan on increasing my fish intake over the next few weeks (I’m not a huge fan of fish), and shifting to a thing one of my friends does called “Meatless Mondays” where it’s completely vegetarian fare. It’ll take a little bit of extra planning for me, but I think it will be better health choices.

How’s your SARs-CoV-19 lockdown going?

Keto Cheeseburger Stromboli

There are some serious vibes here…

I used a recipe from a keto diet app…site. It’s not too bad; I probably won’t make it, exactly, again, though. It’s very … muchy. I definitely liked the crust and I will use that again, probably for a pizza crust. It crisps up nicely. So, I’m thinking of rolling it out (1/4″ thick), then giving it a bit of a lip like a regular crust, and then blind-baking it for about 10 minutes. Not sure what I’ll put on it yet, but I’m sure it will be tasty.

Now, with this… I wasn’t a fan of the beef. I didn’t like the way the flavors came together and it just didn’t seem to work for me. I’m not really sure how I’d change it, but probably change it by making it a calzone or a “regular” stromboli.

I’m officially down 10lbs since June 1! Hooray! But, my blood pressure has crept up much higher than I’d like, so I’m trying to see what I can do about that. I may have to add in some more carbs to my diet and switch to maintenance mode (Mediterranean diet) sooner than I’d hoped. But, I should be okay.

Short post today. It’s 11pm on June 20; I’m tired, and the 21st is going to be stressful. I would much rather cocoon, but, alas, I cannot. See ya Thursday for more videos!

“& Other Spells” – DIY Dish Soap

I have no idea what is going on…

I decided to start a new section for the channel. I mean, this is Kitchen Witchery & Other Spells. But, I haven’t really done “& Other Spells.” So, I’m going to start. Rather than watch me be an idiot with cooking, you can watch me be an idiot with other things!

I’m kidding. I’m not an idiot, but I am a goof. And that’s really what this channel’s about: Having fun, being yourself, and a little bit about cooking and making things. So, that’s why I decided to do a video on how to make Dish Soap.

I will admit that my dish soap did not thicken to the level I would like, and especially not to the level Cameraman Ken would like. I added another T of super washing soda, but I hadn’t gotten my mixture hot enough to dissolve it. I ended up removing about 1/2 T of the clumped washing soda before I realized I was using a mason jar and could just…put it in the microwave.

One minute in the mic on high will make the contents hot enough to stir in the super washing soda. You’ll need to let it sit for 24 hours and check it again. If it’s still not thick enough, repeat the process by heating it in the microwave and adding the super washing soda. Once it reaches the consistency you want, then you can add your essential oils (40 drops, total).

Let me know what other things you’d like to learn how to make. I can teach you about the “magical” properties of essential oils for you to enchant household cleaners; I can teach you to make other types of household cleaners; what other things would you like to know?

I am also planning to do two videos per Sabbat. Afterall, I am a Pagan-Christian, so I do celebrate certain Sabbats. I do not have a problem, however, doing videos for the ones I don’t personally celebrate because our paths are all different. A witchling may be seeking guidance and I can provide an option for them. The next Sabbat is Lughnasadh on August 1. I will have two videos specifically four Lughnasadh releasing July 28 & 30. The first video is likely to be a Lughnasadh-specific food dish; the second, I haven’t decided. It could be a craft, it could be decorating ideas, it could be a ritual–I don’t know! What would YOU like to see?

If you’re enjoying my blog and channel, thus far, consider supporting me on Patreon.

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